And Behind Door No. 5,638…

9 July 1999
GIC Global Intertainment Corporation, the operator of, this week became the latest company to flank its online wagering site with a traffic funnel packed with gambling-related content. The company announced today the launching of a new website with sports betting information and tactfully scattered links to other GIC websites, including Cyberbetz.

The new site,, is another indication that (a) gambling portals have become commonplace in the industry; and (b) GIC has gone a bit overboard with the trendy 'z' for 's' switch-a-roo.

Visitors have access to news and stats for 11sports: baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, auto-racing, golf, boxing, tennis, college sports, and horse racing. Updated on an hourly basis and armed by the Associated Press, the site delivers real-time general news, summaries, scores, schedules, standings, and statistics. It also features an on-line sports store for selling of related sports products including memorabilia and music store etc.

Naturally, GIC intends to use for advertising sites that it owns and operates. The site is also translated into Chinese, so it will serve as an additional vehicle for GIC to market its products in Asia.

The company also intends to generate revenue by selling banner advertising to major corporations and major sports leagues such as NHL, NFL, and NBA. It has projected that banner adds will generate $600,000 dollars in its first year of business.

GIC Global Intertainment Corporation, a high technology Internet gaming company, can be found on the Web at