BlueRibbon Software strikes partnership with The Stars Group

18 August 2020
(PRESS RELEASE) -- B2B marketing platform provider BlueRibbon Software is proud to announce it has signed a strategic partnership deal with one of the largest international tier-one operators, The Stars Group.

The agreement with BlueRibbon will see the Canadian gaming and online gambling giant implement new, cutting-edge jackpot-based promotions across its online casino assets throughout its multi-national jurisdictions.

Aligned with regulatory landscapes across the globe, the BlueRibbon platform, and its powerful tailored gamification infrastructure, will enable cross-channel applications, ensuring The Stars Group competitive edge over its contenders by offering bespoke player experiences, rewarding the operators’ users with a new layer of excitement and anticipation during gameplay to drive player experience and brand loyalty.

“Entering into such an esteemed partnership with The Stars Group is a testament to BlueRibbon’s capabilities in offering innovative marketing solutions at the highest level and entrusts the delivery of completely seamless experiences across the tier-one operators' verticals. With its content-agnostic, real-time gamification tools, the BlueRibbon Player Engagement Platform is set to enhance The Stars Group player loyalty and brand differentiation while increasing their ability to incentivize players across its many regulated jurisdictions” says Amir Askarov, co-founder and CEO of BlueRibbon.

The partnership with The Stars Group is a significant deal for BlueRibbon, further proving that tier-one operators understand the business value that BlueRibbon has to offer.