Bluff Magazine names Poker Power 20

23 January 2007

ATLANTA, Georgia – (PRESS RELEASE) -- With a following of hundreds of millions of players and enthusiasts world-wide, poker is a powerful force in the world of entertainment. Presidents, Kings, billionaires and leaders of industry play the game, yet within the poker fraternity, there are organizations and individuals whose influence overshadows them all.

The Poker Power 20 is more than a top earnings list for poker players, it recognizes and identifies who is shaping the game of poker today, and providing direction for the sport into the future.

Last Year's Most Powerful Person in was Doyle Brunson, who was chosen for his life's commitment to furthering the game, for his contribution to the education of its players through Super System and Super System II and for being the one person the pros turn to when they need advice.

In an excerpt, "Doyle was a trailblazer back in the days when poker was a harsh and unforgiving existence. Forever a devout and gentle man, he spent his much of his life having to endure askance looks from 'respectable' people, while being robbed and cheated by disrespectable people. It is a testament to his single-minded courage that, in this more enlightened day and age, we are able to play poker in our cosy environments without risking harassment, social ostracism or eternal damnation."

This Year's Number One is an organization that has left an indelible mark on the future of the game and on the way the game of will be played and has unearthed dark questions of human freedom and individual choice. There is little doubt that the new almighty has had a profound influence on the game of poker, and its up to you to decide how it effects you.

This year's Poker Power 20 will be announced in Bluff Magazine's February 2006 issue, which is available at fine newsstands across the United States, Europe, and Australia.