Burstin Marketing launches new site

9 February 2011
ONTARIO, Canada -- (PRESS RELEASE) –- A new website and infrastructure has been designed to offer all clients the convenience to purchase our services easily and be able to download their final products from a secure login area available for clients only.

Besides copywriting, translations and affiliate marketing, more services has being added to Burstin Group offering convenience to clients who are always have different needs to operate their online business and able to manage all under one umbrella. Some of those services are: Website Design, WordPress Blog, Website content, Video content and consulting.

Due to the diversification from affiliates and merchants, our clients, we are expanding our services to other online industries as well and continue building up our long-term relationship. "We appreciate your feedback; please feel free to let us know what you think of our new infrastructure and if you would like to see more improvements to be added, please let us know" said Connie Burstin. Connie has been known as an affiliate manager offering affiliate management and consulting for various companies since 1999.

Burstin Marketing Group has been operating since 2007 offering online marketing services for affiliates and merchants in tune with the developments of the gaming industry over the past few years. In addition to outsourcing affiliate management, Burstin Marketing Group has also been assisting affiliates and operators with content writing, translations not just for the English speaking market, but also newer markets where English is not the primary language.