Cake Entertainment partners with Free Web Holding

5 February 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Cake Entertainment N.V. announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Free Web Holding Ltd. to form Cake Next Entertainment Ltd. The partnership brings new investment and successful industry professionals to strengthen the company‘s efforts in building its B2B and consumer businesses, positioning the company as a major force within the international gaming entertainment space.
The partnership enables Cake Next Entertainment Ltd. to further invest in product innovation, building competitive advantage and responding to the needs of current and future customers, in attempt to obtain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The company plans to create new opportunities while anticipating the evolution of the international gaming markets, regulated and pre regulated, to deliver best-in-class products and customizable B2B solutions. The company will strive to maintain a customer first focus at the center of its activities with a commitment to the highest levels of integrity, responsibility and value creation.