Cake Poker releases January promotions

5 January 2011
CURACAO -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- To welcome in the New Year, Cake Poker is introducing its Diamond Mine tournament series, Irish Open 2011 satellite schedule, WAR freerolls as well as bringing back long time favorite, Turbo Gold Cards.
The Diamond Mine $40,000 Gold Card Tournament Series is debuting on January 10th, and running until January 23rd. The Diamond Mine is similar to a stepladder format tournament series in which each tournament awards seats to the next tournament in the series. Entering the Diamond Mine series does not cost players a thing except for Gold Cards, a collectible reward distributed at random to players at ring game tables. As players move up in the series they play for progressively larger prize pools and ultimately, entry into the $15,000 final. Players can enter the Diamond Mine series at any event level they wish provided they have the appropriate 2011 series diamond Gold Card required to buy in, but the higher up in the event schedule they register the closer they are to the final. Starting from the very bottom of the stepladder and working up through each and every event does not go without benefits though. Players who participate in each event of the tournament from event one through 12 will receive free entry into the $10,000 Flawless Freeroll for their shot at some post-holiday cash taking place on January 22nd.
As 2011 series Gold Cards will be quite rare during the first few weeks of January, Cake is also running its popular Turbo Gold Cards in order to increase players' chances of acquiring the 2011 series cards required to enter the Diamond Mine. Turbo Gold Cards will be distributed at ring game tables at double speed each day from January 10th through January 23rd from 4-5pm EST and 8-11pm EST giving players a great chance to build up their 2011 series Gold Card collections and get in on the $40,000 Diamond Mine. Players can also visit The Exchange, a player-to-player marketplace in which players can buy or sell Gold Cards, to purchase the cards they require.
Also in January, Cake kicks off its 2011 Irish Open satellites beginning January 3rd. The Irish Open, rich with history, is the longest running No Limit Texas Hold 'em poker tournament in Europe and second longest in the world after the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. This event is a must attend for many of the top poker players in the world and Cake is offering its players shot at a seat at the main event for as little as $1.10 with satellites running daily. Each $7,000 USD prize package includes a main event seat at the Irish Open worth €3,500, a 5 night stay at the Irish Open host venue, The Burlington Hotel, $1,500 USD cash to help with travel as well as an official Cake Poker gear pack.
Additionally, Cake Poker is now running daily WAR freerolls. Added to the Cake Poker roster earlier this year, WAR is an online multiplayer game, inspired by the all-time classic card game. Each player starts the game with the same ten cards and is forced to out think and out guess their opponents to accumulate the most cards and ultimately, the most points to win the game. Though the game itself is extremely simple, it offers its players amazing depth through strategy and bluffing while also allowing for dynamic interaction between players, and with the introduction of daily freerolls, Cake players can try their hand at making money through this new and exciting offering for free.
Lastly, Cake is excited to announce that it has made a strategic decision to expand its casino offering into several new territories. This expansion of the casino product line combined with the recent additions of Cake WAR and Tourney Blackjack further contributes to Cake's ever increasing gaming options.