Citadel Buys Pete Rose Baseballs

25 September 2006

TORONTO, Ontario –- (PRESS RELEASE)-- Citadel Commerce Corp, a leading e-commerce payment solutions provider and wholly owned subsidiary of ESI Entertainment Systems (TSX:ESY), announced today that it has purchased thirty limited edition baseballs signed by Pete Rose with the statement "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" from Robert Edward Auctions in New Jersey.

Pete Rose is baseball's "Hit King," the Major Leagues' all-time leader in career hits, but some fans consider his off-the-field actions a black mark on the sport. Major League Baseball's investigations into Rose's gambling led to his lifetime banishment from the game, which, in turn, has barred him from otherwise certain induction into the Hall of Fame.

In 2004, the year that Rose admitted to betting on baseball, it is reported that he signed 303 baseballs with the "I'm sorry I bet on baseball" message. Rose then gave away the baseballs to his closet friends. Barry Halper, renowned sports memorabilia collector and part owner of the New York Yankees, was given 30 of the autographed balls. When Halper passed away his estate hired Robert Edward Auctions to liquidate his remaining memorabilia collection. The 30 balls were unexpectedly discovered and were recently scheduled to be auctioned.