Manufacturers Confirm Slot Malfunction

20 September 2006

FRIANT, California – (PRESS RELEASE) -- The manufacturers of the mystery jackpot progressive link system and the "Deep Pockets" slot machine have confirmed that the winning jackpot meter as reflected on the machine was the result of a malfunction in the progressive link system. The manufacturers also further confirmed that no valid or verifiable jackpot was won by the Casino patron Mr. Sornpaserd Unkeowannulack on September 15, 2006.

In separate letters to Table Mountain Casino, the mystery jackpot progressive system manufacturer, Progressive Gaming International Corporation ("PGIC"), confirmed that they support the finding that a malfunction occurred. And the manufacturer of the "Deep Pockets" slot machine, International Game Technology ("IGT"), also confirmed this result, stating that review of the game history by an IGT technician "...established that there was no winning combination for any amount of cash or credits on the last game" of the slot machine played by Mr. Unkeowannulack.

PGIC further confirmed that the dollar value of the maximum mystery jackpot that was programmed into this linked system of slot machines could not exceed a maximum award of $10,000.00; consequently, a screen displaying a jackpot of over $737,000.00 on a linked slot machine being played by Mr. Unkeowannulack that was programmed not to exceed $10,000.00 is clearly a malfunction.

Although the manufacturer investigations reveal that there was clearly a malfunction that does not legally obligate Table Mountain Casino to pay or award any jackpot, in any amount, to Mr. Unkeowannulack, the management of Table Mountain Casino values all of its customers, especially a premium player such as Mr. Unkeowannulack. Consequently, despite the lack of any obligation on the part of the Casino, management has delivered a letter to Mr. Unkeowannulack disclosing the results of the investigations and has also offered him the monetary equivalent of the maximum dollar amount that could have correctly registered on the mystery jackpot progressive link system he was playing had he actually won a valid and verifiable progressive jackpot.

In addition, the Casino has advised Mr. Unkeowannulack of his right to dispute this outcome and pursue this matter further through the independent Dispute Resolution Process established by the Tribal Gaming Commission.

"The integrity of the gaming environment we offer at Table Mountain Casino is of upmost importance. We are pleased that the manufacturers were able to conduct their investigations so thoroughly and so quickly," stated Table Mountain Casino's President and CEO, John Mayewski.