PokerStars Casino mints three millionaires in one month

10 March 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- PokerStars, an Amaya inc. brand, has been very active in the "making millionaires" department, with three $1 million jackpots hitting across its slot game offering in the past month. PokerStars Casino's exclusive million-dollar slot game, Millionaires Island, has struck twice in 27 days, paying out over $2.9 million to two university students. Two days following this, a Russian player had all his wishes granted when he was paid out over $1.3 million on Genie Jackpots.

Beginner's luck
Poker-playing economics student "pkr_rager" from Finland drastically enhanced his cash flow by pocketing a massive $1,410,720.04 from playing Millionaires Island. This was only the second time the 27-year-old, who is a frequent poker player at PokerStars, logged onto his PokerStars Casino account. Little did he expect that playing slots online casually would result in him becoming a millionaire, and so quickly.

After double-checking his account to see if he really had just won over $1.4 million, he said, "I was nervous and my heart was pounding hard." He called his wife, mother and friend to break the news. "Everyone was shocked, first they thought I was joking, then that it can't be real, that there is some mistake, and finally everyone told me to chill..."

The newly made millionaire described how the excitement of his winning moment was like "when you wake up as a kid on Christmas morning. I was happy but same time feeling unreal, like I could be in a dream."

University students prosper
"pkr_rager", a part-time restaurant employee, was enticed to play on Millionaires Island because of the prospect of being guaranteed to win at least $1 million if he hit the jackpot. This past month has coincidentally resulted in another university student becoming a millionaire through PokerStars Casino's Millionaires Island slot game when "LuisCancelaU" from Uruguay turned $1 into $1,517,303.08 in late January.

Treasure come here
Just 29 days after the first million dollar win of 2017, "Denis N777" from Russia saw $1,368,281.28 fly in on a magic carpet during the Genie Jackpots slot game. The Russian jackpot winner, who describes PokerStars Casino as "excellent," has become the third millionaire made by the online casino so far in 2017.

"Incomprehensible" and "overwhelming" is how the PokerStars poker player attempted to describe the emotions felt to win the mind-blowing sum.

These results are solely taking into account $1 million dollar jackpot successes at PokerStars Casino between the end of January and the end of February, but winning moments are aplenty outside of these million dollar games, with another jackpot striking on 27 February. "Prinzess666" was playing on slot game Super Diamond Deluxe before heading to a carnival when she hit the jackpot for $282,050.02.

"Suddenly every roll turned green, lights and music blasting, I asked myself what is going on and then I read 'You have won a Jackpot'," said the German player. "I read again: $28, $280, $2,800, $28,000, $280,000. My heart rate jumped to 180 and I could only scream 'Treasure, treaaaasure, treaaaaaaasure come here.'"

She explained to PokerStars how she wanted to use her winnings to help show appreciation to her loved ones. "This year wasn't going too well for me, my family was the thing that made me the happiest. I would like to make a couple of family dreams come true."

PokerStars Casino was recently crowned the Gaming Intelligence Casino Operator of the Year and is the world's fastest growing online casino. The classic, favorite online slot game, Cleopatra, is the latest to be added to PokerStars Casino's impressive and ever-increasing product offering.

PokerStars Casino is available on web, downloadable desktop client and mobile app.