Sudhir Kalé Article Archive

Sudhir Kalé has contributed six articles published on the iGaming News site.
CRM in the Pits: The Nine Eternal Truths (29 April 2002)
Customer relationship management, or CRM, has become the management buzzword of the decade. Almost overnight, or so it seems, companies have devoted hundreds of billions of dollars toward purchasing and implementing CRM programs. Scores of sites on the Internet with catchy names such as,,,, and have sprung up in short time, trying to capitalize on this hottest management fad.
On Creating and Supporting Effective E-Gaming Web Sites (12 April 2002)
The e-gaming business has the dubious distinction of being the biggest online money-spinner after pornography.
Internal Marketing: An Unbeatable Deal! (25 March 2002)
We have all heard of companies making pronouncements to the effect that their people are their most important assets, that they truly care about their employees, or that they put people first. Yet, looking at the HR and management policies and practices in most industries, one is led to conclude that this people-talk is little more than lip service.
Want Your Online Gaming Venture to Prosper? Put 'Trust' in It to Grow (5 March 2002)
Research data on Internet customers in general and on Net gamblers in particular suggest that trust is the most important criterion driving online shopping.
Evaluating Gaming Customers Using the LTV Concept (11 February 2002)
Dyed-in-the-wool marketing executives are in the habit of saying that all their customers are important. All customers are never equally important in any business and the gaming business is no exception. Casino management, by default, deals with customers on the basis of their perceived value to the casino. But how does one objectively prioritize the importance of a particular customer or a customer group? The answer is simple: Look at the lifetime value of a customer. A recent Deloitte Consulting study shows that companies who understand customer value are 60 percent more profitable than those that do not.
Communicating with 'Asian' Customers: It's A Matter of Context (11 October 2001)
Cross-cultural communication is without doubt the biggest ordeal for executives in today's global environment. Dealing effectively with individuals from diverse cultures challenges the deepest core of one's conditioning. It involves trying to decipher unconscious embedded meanings, the very things we take for granted when communicating intra-culturally.