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January 25, 2022

About IGamingNews

IGamingNews is a subscription-based electronic news, research and information service that has covered the Internet gambling industry for more than a decade.

We count among our clients publicly traded and privately held Internet gambling operators; software suppliers; financial services companies; equity analysts; legal firms; entrepreneurs; marketing firms; national and provincial lotteries; consultants of various dispensations; and government regulators.

Here's what some of them say:

"I think all of your information is extremely useful. For me, I particularly like all the regulatory news, where IGamingNews is a key resource."
    Equity Analyst | Deutsche Bank

"IGamingNews is consistently bringing relevant news to their subscribers with reports which have integrity and are fair and balanced in their coverage."

    Javaid Aziz | former C.E.O., CryptoLogic Ltd.

"May I say that I found IGamingNews' material very refreshing, to say the least. It is so great to finally read some solid, substantial, credible and well-worded industry information that can actually support in-house strategic decision making."

    Anthea Michael | Director, JMR Marketing Ltd.

"I’ve found IGamingNews to be a great resource for keeping up to date on the latest news in the internet gaming industry. I recommend the site for anyone who is interested in investing in the I-gaming sector."

    Todd J. Eilers | Equity Analyst, Roth Capital Partners

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The Team

Mark Balestra | Publisher
A veteran of 13 years in the gambling industry, Mark Balestra is the publisher and co-creator of IGamingNews. He is also the author of several syndicated industry studies, editor of "Internet Gambling Report," and a frequent speaker and moderator at international conferences. In addition to his work for Clarion Gaming, he has written articles for numerous industry and consumer publications and authored two consumer books: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Gambling" (2000) and "How to Win At Online Gambling (2005). Balestra has been featured as an expert on Internet gambling by numerous national and international media outlets, including Reuters, USA Today, ESPN, CNET, Wired magazine and the Los Angeles Times. In January 2006, Balestra was named one of Global Gaming Business Magazine's 25 People to Watch in the worldwide gambling industry.

Christopher A. Krafcik | Editor
Chris Krafcik, 27, joined IGamingNews in July 2006 as an intern and was appointed editor in April 2008. He graduated from the University of Dayton in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and psychology, and holds a graduate degree in philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. In addition to his work on IGamingNews, Krafcik is co-editor of "Internet Gambling Report." He serves as an advisor to consultancies, analysts, entrepreneurs, M.B.A. students and members of the mainstream media, and as a moderator at international industry conferences. He lives in St. Louis, Mo.

Jeanette Kozlowski | Staff Writer
After completing her M.A. at the Missouri School of Journalism, Jeanette Kozlowski spent six months as an editor for a start-up Los Angeles-based entertainment Web site. She has written for numerous publications in her hometown of St. Louis, Mo., including St. Louis Magazine and Riverfront Times. She joined IGamingNews in 2008.

Caroline M. Gallay | Staff Writer
Caroline graduated in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism from the University of Missouri. She has worked for a number of city and regional publications and has experience in business-to-business and international journalism.

Holly Rauch Hick | Digital Sales Executive
Holly Rauch Hick turns marketing strategies into successful marketing campaigns. Joining Clarion Gaming in June 2008, she’s already developed and managed several ad campaigns and online sponsorships in IGN Weekly, Gaming Industry News and Gaming Industry Media.

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