$4 million jackpot at PokerStars Casino

2 October 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- A staggering $4 million jackpot, the largest ever at PokerStars Casino, has been won by a man from Lower Saxony, Germany on the slot game Mega Fortune.
After coming home from work late at 9pm, ‘StatisticPro’ decided to unwind by playing some slot games. Wagering just $2.50, the reels kept on spinning and he was astounded when the jackpot landed on $4 million.
“I was numb and disbelieved for a few minutes,” said the chess fan speaking of the moment his life changed forever. The journalist woke his wife up from her early night to tell her the good news and at first she didn’t believe him.
The multimillionaires have decided to spend their Mega Fortune on renovating their house and will also buy a holiday home and an SUV van. The couple have two children and will put aside money for their university fees and give some family members a lump sum.
A PokerStars player since 2005, ‘StatisticPro’ was thrilled when The Stars Group launched an online casino a couple of years ago. This jackpot is now the largest online win at PokerStars Casino and brings the total number of millionaires to 20, which equates to over $38.5 million paid out from mega progressive jackpots.