20 New Properties for Global Cash Access

8 October 2008

Global Cash Access Holdings Inc., which trades on the New York Stock Exchange, has singed agreements to provide cash-access services to patrons at 20 international casino properties.

Under the agreements, Global Cash will provide credit-card cash advances and debit-card withdrawls from its proprietary kiosks and terminals, as well as from casino cashiers.

Eleven of the agreements were inked with properties in the Czech Republic, three in Canada, one in Switzerland and a further five in the Caribbean.

"These new locations reinforce our strategy to grow our international business," Scott Dowty, Global Cash's executive vice president of business development, said in a prepared statement. "We believe that providing casinos with the ability to streamline and improve the patron experience, as well as provide casino patrons with greater access to available cash, can contribute to these casinos' success."