888 to Implement Citadel's Instant Internet Banking

17 September 2008

Citadel Commerce Corporation, a subsidiary of ESI Entertainment Systems Inc., announced on Tuesday that it began using its payment solution, Instant Internet Banking, to process payments for 888 Holdings, the owner and operator of 888.com.

The payment offers international consumers a secure purchasing method using an Internet bank account. Customers can use their own Internet Banking System to pay Citadel directly.

”We have been testing Citadel's Instant Internet Bank Transfers with some of our V.I.P. customers, and they have found the system to be very effective and easy to use,” said Gigi Levy, chief executive of 888.com, in a prepared statement. ”We expect to continue to expand the rollout to more of our V.I.P.s in additional countries, and we have initiated efforts to fully integrate Instant Internet Banking into our main cashier pages.”