A Big Year for ADS

29 September 1999
A recent study by The Strategis Group predicts that the usage of a ADSL in North America as a standard for Internet data transmission in 1999 will exceed the usage in 1998 by 900 percent.

The report, titled "Strategis dataBankTM: ADSL CPE Modem Manufacturers and Shipments," is based on ADSL consumer premises equipment (CPE) modem shipments. Strategis maintains that the "striking growth rate is partly due to a concerted effort by U.S. incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) to develop and promote their ADSL offerings."

According to Strategis, there were approximately 60,000 ADSL CPE modem shipments to North America in 1998. The total for 1999 is expected to be approximately 400,000.

"We've been watching the deployment of ADSL capability in ILEC central offices, and now we're seeing incumbents' strong efforts to market that capacity," Strategis consultant Adrianne Brandt said. "With Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and cable modem operators making strides in broadband access markets, the ILECs couldn't afford to wait any longer to make their move."

North America is now the world leader in ADSL modem shipments, although countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific are showing increased interest in ADSL. Strategis expects both regions to lag behind North America by one to two years.

Strategis dataBankTM: ADSL CPE Modem Manufacturers and Shipments tracks and forecasts ADSL subscribers, modem shipments and value of shipments for 43 countries through the year 2002. It also includes contact information for ADSL modem manufacturers and ADSL providers, a detailed specification datasheet for ADSL CPE modem products and current manufacturer market share analysis. The data is provided in Excel format to enable analysts to customize the data to suit their needs. There is also a PDF file that illustrates the data graphically and provides brief analyses.

For more information on the report, contact the Strategis Group at 202-530-7500 (voice), 202-530-7550 (fax) or sales@StrategisGroup.com (e-mail), or visit www.StrategisGroup.com.