A Closer Look at the Goodlatte Hearing

6 April 2006

IGN has obtained copies of the opening statements prepared by all of the witnesses at Wednesday's U.S. House of Representatives Judicial Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security legislative hearing on Rep. Goodlatte's, R-Va., Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. We have also obtained a copy of the opening statement of ranking subcommittee member Robert Scott, D-Va, who stated, "I believe all gambling should be tightly regulated," as well as a copy of a memorandum regarding the hearing that was distributed to members of the subcommittee by its chairman, Rep. Howard Coble, R-NC.

Along with being attached below, all of the opening statements (with the exception Rep. Scott's and the memo of Coble) are also available via the Judiciary Committee's Web site. A video stream of the hearing is also available on the site: http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings.aspx?ID=137.

The Coble Memorandum

Scott Remarks

Goodlatte Remarks

Ohr Remarks

Kindt Remarks

Vallandingham Remarks