A Closer Look at the Interactive Gambling (Moratorium) Bill 2000

8 December 2000
This week may very well have been the first ring of the Australian online gambling industry's death knell. After nearly a year of debate, pleas and more, the Interactive Gambling (Moratorium) Bill finally received enough votes for passage in both houses of the Australian parliament.

Key to its passage was a change to exempt interactive wagering services that are extensions of current offline betting services. The moratorium prohibits the introduction of new interactive gambling services from May 19 2000 until May 18 2001. In addition, the legislation prohibits new services that offer real-time betting after a sporting event has commenced from being introduced. Those sites operational by May 19, 2000 may continue to operate, although they are unable to make any changes to their services or offerings.

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Interactive Gambling (Moratorium) Bill 2000

Explanatory Memorandum