A Closer Look at the Trauman Complaint

18 August 2003

In the first known case of its kind, an online gambler last week pleaded guilty to charges of violating U.S. state law in relation to his Internet gambling activities.

The state of North Dakota brought the charges against Jeffrey Trauman, who reported his online winnings to the IRS. Trauman, who was given probation and a $500 fine, was charged with violating the North Dakota criminal code, which does not explicitly refer to Internet gambling. A handful of U.S states have laws that specifically prohibit online gambling, but none of them, nor any other state prior to the Trauman case, has taken action against the casual online gambler.

IGN has obtained a copy of the complaint as well as the pertinent chapters of North Dakota's criminal code:

  • North Dakota vs. Jeffrey Daniel Trauman
  • North Dakota Criminal Code, Chapter 12.1-28