A Common Link by Online Commerce

10 July 2000
Online Commerce, an operator of 12 casinos Internet casinos, has developed a system that enables players to access twelve different online casinos through one account and use a uniform toll-free number to get customer assistance.

It may be an obvious idea, but it pays to remember that good customer service keeps the players happy. "Our clients are reacting positively to the new facility. It affords them the added convenience of managing their gambling budget from one single account, whilst enjoying the facilities of 12 online casinos," said marketing manager Peter Wilson.

The sites all additionally accept the Infinia debit card to give players easier access to their winnings.

Customers can call or email their questions about any of the twelve casinos, which are handled by the two or more representatives working on each shift. Tropika subsidiary APS Marketing handles the customer support and marketing for Online Commerce, which is licensed in Dominica.

Most language support is in English. The casinos, except for one, are in English. The twelfth casino, Fairplay African, is available in traditional Chinese and Japanese. The other eleven casinos are Astrobet, Atlantis Star, Aztec Gold, Bingotops, Bulls 'n Bears, Flying Dragon, Casino Iceberg, Jetset Casino, Magic Carpet, Old Glory and Orient Express.

The casinos, which all have their own identity and games, offer up to 21 games. The sites offer 15 percent startup bonuses and $40 referral bonuses. Additionally, Fairplay offers a 20 percent playing bonus. Adding to the fun is a weekly random "lucky draw" for each casino rewarding three lucky winners various prizes.

Online Commerce's 12-in-one solution illustrates one of the simplest philosophies for maintain success in any business: Providing good customer service keeps your customers happy, so they'll keep coming back for more play. And that's money you can put in the bank!