A Desktop Conference with John Crigler

18 April 2000
The rate at which Internet policies are cranked out in the U.S. makes keeping up with cyber law a monstrous task. In the gambling sector alone, at least five state laws have been passed, and at least 12 additional laws have been considered. Throw AG policies and case law into the mix and all you've got is a heaping mass of confusion. In 1998, Interactive Gaming News helped its readers make some sense of it all when it launched its RealAudio Desktop Conference series with an interview with attorney John Crigler. A year-and-a-half later, many more laws are in the books, and IGN welcomes Crigler back to do some more dissecting. Topics include analysis of federal and state legislation, the Jay Cohen case, the WIGC case, the Wire Act, credit card issues, the Granite Gate case and the IGCC case.

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