A Future Site for Online Lottery Ticket Sales

29 April 1999
Among the many exceptions included in the leaner, meaner 1999 version the Kyl Bill is the allowance of states to sell lottery tickets online. If the bill is passed, a company called Group V Corporation could be poised to reap the benefits.

The San Francisco based telecommunications company announced plans this week for its subsidiary, National Pools Corporation, to set up an e-commerce website for online lottery ticket sales. They will apparently sell U.S. state lottery tickets if and when they're made available by the states, although no time table for the implementation of the plan has been disclosed.

NPC currently operates a lottery clubs in which you can gain membership by purchasing their HitLoTTo pre-paid phone cards. Tickets for games such as Powerball, the Big Game, the Florida lottery and the California lottery are purchased through local agents.

The domain where online lottery ticket sales will take place, www.lottoticket.com, currently hosts "Lotto World," an Internet magazine published by Group V subsidiary Lottery Publication Corporation.