A Leaner, Meaner Dr. Ho

15 November 2001

Hoping to carry its strong brand even further, DrHo.com last week introduced a sister casino aimed at expanding the company's player base.

The new site, DrHoLite.com, is designed to offer more games with faster downloads and less technology requirements compared to DrHo.com.

The "Lite" site allows players to load the games more quickly and easily by bypassing the video streaming technology in place at DrHo.com.

The trimmed-down games also made it possible for DrHo.com to expand its menu of games. The Lite site is quicker to download, but players can choose between 12 different casino games, versus the five offered on DrHo.com

DrHo.com CEO Peter Kjaer said the new site came more out of consumer demand than anything else.

"We've found that our subscribers approve of the live DrHo.com concept, but some do not always have the equipment to make the most of our videostream verification technology," he said.

Kjaer said the new site will give registered players more options in playing with DrHo.

"DrHoLite.com has a slick new interface which makes it incredibly simple to install and use so subscribers can get online straightaway to play their games of choice, no matter where they are and what computer they have," he said. "It also gives our regulars the added choice of switching between live, more relaxed and intimate tables and the faster Lite games according to their taste on the day."

DrHoLite.com features baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean poker, craps, slot machines, five-deck slot poker, keno, Pai Gow poker, roulette and video poker. The site also carries an easy-to-use "school" section with novice guides and notes on strategies and odds for more advanced players.