A New E-Commerce Discovery

13 September 1999
NWDP.com, formerly known as New Discoveries Publishing Corp., made an e-commerce breakthrough today as its online casino, Net Pirates Casino, began handling transactions using the new travel card by Visa.

Winners at Net Pirates can now be paid in their own currency using Visa Card's new TravelMoney. The program, piloted by Australian Media Company Pty. Ltd. (AMC), eliminates the expenses of processing checks and telegraphic transfers. The card also provides players with greater privacy because they no longer require a bank account to clear funds.

TravelMoney is a pre-paid, PIN-protected travel card which offers 24-hour access to winnings through more than 530,000 Visa automatic teller machines in 120 countries.

NWDP.com arranged the VISA facility through its joint venture banking company, International Business Investment Services (IBIS), a New Zealand-based savings and loans company.

To get the ball rolling in Eastern Asia Net Pirates Casino has appointed companies in Hong Kong and the Philippines to distribute CD-ROMs containing the game-playing software.

"Working closely with NWDP is paying dividends," AMC Director John Brown said. "Together, we have developed Asia versions of the gaming software, which is the basis of our success in negotiations with mainland China."