A New Line of Help

26 June 2000
Game Planit Interactive Corp. and E-Commerce Architects, Inc., owner of Problemgambling.com, have jointly developed a new line of responsible gaming products that are now available to online gaming sites. The "Safe@play Partners Program," is a suite of problem gambling services that includes online training modules, real-time assistance and more. Players access the Safe@play Program using a link on partnered gaming sites.

The Safe@play Risk-Quiz is the first product from the suite to be made available online, with more products to be introduced throughout 2000 and 2001. The Risk-Quiz encourages safe play and allows players to self-identify problem gambling behaviors. It also determines whether they are at risk of developing a gambling problem. The quiz is based on the latest research concentrating on a "harm-reduction approach," which emphasizes preventing gambling problems.

Additionally, Game Planit announced a payment plan for the Safe@play Partners Program. "The new fee structure encourages and makes it economically possible for all online gaming companies to join our responsible gaming program," explained Richard Johnson, president of Problemgambling.com. "We will provide the first month of service free of charge, so gaming operators can assess the benefits of the Safe@play Partners Program. This will also enable operators to choose the appropriate rate plan that best benefits their needs."