A New Player

17 March 1999

Starnet licensee Global Interactive Ltd. has signed an agreement to develop five unique, theme-based Internet casinos for Cosmoz.com, Inc.

The first of the five is on schedule to be operational by the end of the month and will be translated into eight languages. Each will offer 22 casino games and a complete sportsbook. Track betting will be added in the future.

Global will supply Cosmoz.com with a complete turnkey online gaming package deal, including the online gaming design, website maintenance, licenses, 24/7 tech support and real time e-commerce through Starnet's EFS Caribbean Ltd.

Cosmoz.com has its sites set on establishing itself as major presence in the Internet business market. To help achieve this goal the company has established a website (http://www.cosmoz.net) featuring a mission statement and corporate information for customers and investors; promotional material regarding the complementary web-based businesses which it develops, acquires and sells; and a section in which Internet-based businesses can submit their website to be reviewed for potential acquisition.

The company has also revealed plans to launch another website at http://www.cosmoz.com, which organizes websites by Internet groupings, also called Internet Affinities. Each of these Affinities are to represented by a different planet, within the Cosmoz.com Community of Websites, which they call "an evolving universe of websites. " For example, planet Earth will represent their investment websites, planet Saturn will represent their gaming websites and Venus is planned to become their shopping websites.