A New Resource for Online Investors

2 July 1999
Globeinvestor.com, a new site from Globe Information Services, combines complete, impartial coverage of North American stocks with analytical tools that translate data into an easy-to-understand language. The site is designed to cut through the clutter of market information and get down to the essentials of making better investment decisions, and it is free of charge for all users.

The young site, the latest addition to the globeanmail.com's Web Center, combines news and data for the most publicly traded companies in North America to identify stocks based on performance. Through the site, investors can obtain a wide array of information, including company financials, market quotes, stock price history for the past five years, charts, news and company press releases. Users also have the opportunity to create a personal list of stocks they want to monitor.

"Making smart investment decisions requires access to accurate and timely information," said David Keith, vice president, Financial Data Products, Globe Information Services. "Traditionally, investors requiring more sophisticated investment information such as performance history and company financials have had to pay for it. We've managed to design a very powerful and comprehensive site without having to charge a dime."

Globeinvestor.com is designed specifically for the growing number of investors who seek information online. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, 59 percent of U.S. investors (those with at least $10,000 in investible assets) have accessed the Internet, and nearly two out of three (63 percent) of those say they have used it to seek financial or investing information.

"Investors interested in stocks will find that globeinvestor.com offers analytical capabilities not found on any other investment sites," Keith said. "Throw in the fact that it provides integrated information for both the U.S. and Canada and you have a powerful Web site that provides a unified view of North American companies and markets."

"The explosive growth of financial information on the Net has leveled the playing field for investors," said Bruce Schwenger, president of InvestorLine at the Bank of Montreal. "The Web offers a wealth of investment information previously restricted to professional money managers. And with the emergence of online trading, investors can now act on this information immediately. The new challenge facing individual investors today is finding credible news and data relevant to their specific needs."

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