A Portal is Born

6 May 1999
If you build it, will they come? The marketers at Global Entertainment Holding/Equities, Inc. hope so. As competition heats up in the online gambling biz, it's becoming increasingly difficult to round up enough bettors to pay the bills. A popular answer is to build online communities and/or useful sites to attract potential online bettors and hopefully funnel them into the pay sites.

Global Entertainment's stab at this technique is a new site, www.TheSportsDaily.com, where sports fans and bettors can get free, up-to-date sports information, along with links to online news and online betting sites, including VIPsports.com, the online sportsbook operated by Global subsidiary Interactive Gaming and Wagering.

To beef up the new site, Global has partnered with Predict It!, an innovative site that offers users an opportunity to share picks and earn cash, and DBC Sports, which provides much of the statistical content. The site features a news-feed, lines, odds, transactions, injury and match-up reports, game schedules and scoreboards.

"We created TheSportsDaily.com to offer online gaming enthusiasts a complete source for all the current information required to make educated wagers," said Steven Abboud, president and CEO of Global Entertainment Holdings. "There is no other site that gathers all of the relevant sports information on the Web and makes it available to users in one place. It's a one-stop resource for free wagering intelligence."