A Profile of Global Netertainment

28 May 1999
Look for a new company called Global Netertainment to make a splash in the interactive gaming industry in coming months. Led by a couple of executives with several years experience in technology and marketing, the company has the rights to Internet software developed by a high-profile Canadian company and is already negotiating with a major online sports betting operation.

PageActive (http://www.pageactive.com), a Toronto-based company that offers online communications and business solutions through its proprietary software, will soon be sold to a publicly held U.S. company. PageActive's Chairman and CEO, Peter Zmudzki, and its President, Julius Csurgo, are bringing the rights of the company's Internet gaming technology, held by NXTi Corporation, to their new company, Global Netertainment.

Last week, Csurgo and Zmudzki sealed a deal with a public company called Mt. Tom Minerals Corp. in which Mt. Tom Minerals will acquire the software licenses in exchange for 2.5 million of its shares. Mt. Tom Minerals will then change its name to Global Netertainment Corp.

With an impressive client line-up that includes Nike Canada, the NBA, VISA and IBM, PageActive's products consist of streaming audio and video technology that doesn't require plug-ins, chat software, gaming engines, email tools and highly touted 128 bit encrypted scratch ticket technology. Global Netertainment will use these capabilities to create gaming sites with all types of wagering to be launched in the next 60 to 90 days. It has obtained several domain names, including "bingotimes.com," "lottonation.com," "call2bet.com," "globalwinner.com," "renoking.com," "acieducie.com, " and "bettoraction.com," and is currently developing its corporate website, which will reside at www.globalnetertainment.com.

A deal is already in the works in which Global Netertainment will supply the software system for a major online sports betting operation. The company will also soon be implementing technologies for operating real money betting sites with its scratch ticket technology. Plus, it's discussing licensing agreements with a few software suppliers for the rights to offer traditional casino games.

An aggressive worldwide marketing plan is being developed as well. The company has strong ties in South America--Zmudzki served as president and senior partner of Interactive Media International, S.A. in Venezuela--and plans to establish a particularly strong presence in that region.

More news on Global Netertainment will be unveiled in coming weeks as its marketing strategy solidifies.