A Sad Day - I-Gaming Loses a Gem in David Herschman

7 April 2003

If you've been involved in the interactive gaming industry since the early days, you may remember David Herschman from Virtual Vegas. In 1995, he and his young crew of game designers in Venice Beach, Ca. were pioneers in developing entertaining online games to bridge the generations. Virtual Vegas was ahead of its time as a hub of "free-play," and David had the good fortune to sell out to a subsidiary of Vivendi in April 2000.

If you were close to David, you may also know that he was diagnosed with melanoma in '97 and struggled with that disease for six years. After the sale, he married and enjoyed life, traveling to lots of exotic places. I particularly remember him telling stories of the many weeks he spent in Vietnam on one trip. At the age of 35, he lost that struggle on April 3, 2003, passing without pain and in peace surrounded by his family.

David will be missed.

- Sue Schneider, Publisher, Interactive Gaming News

Memorial: Saturday, April 12th at 5:00pm at The Officers Club in San Francisco, CA.

Click here to visit an online memorial.