A Seminar on the Legal Aspects of Y2K

30 June 1999
Mark Grossman, an attorney specializing in Internet law and a regular contributor to Interactive Gaming News, will be teaching a two-day seminar on the law surrounding the Y2K computer problem July 19-20 in Toronto. The focus: "If you've got the technical side nailed, now's the time to focus on the legal."

Attendees will learn what steps can be taken today to prevent litigation tomorrow. Executives, tech specialists, management teams and consultants will can all benefit from the seminar.

The following will be covered:

  • What you can do if they are late in delivering remediated software.

  • New Y2K legislation -- What does it mean to you?

  • What should we do in the last 6 months of 1999 to protect our legal position?

  • How do you determine if a vendor may have liability to you for your Y2K problems.

  • The secret to successfully negotiating Y2K warranties when nobody is willing to give meaningful warranties.

  • How do you prevent your company from being sued for somebody else's Y2K problems.

  • Traps for the unwary -- Things that you could do to make it worse.

  • The things that you must have in your contracts.

  • When should you send inquiry letters and what should you ask.

  • How should you respond when you receive an inquiry letter?

  • What to look for in a Y2K Legal Audit.

  • How to protect your corporate officers and directors from personal liability for Y2K-related failures.

For more information, call Mark Grossman at 1-800-533-4874 or visit http://www.dci.com/y2klegal.