A Shortage of Feet for NGISC Mouths

28 July 1999
Mouthpieces for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission often seem to have words coming out of all sides. In an interview published in the July 19 edition of Casino Journal's gaming industry newsletter, National Gaming Summary, panel member Richard C. Leone expressed that the Commission was against prohibition--a gross contradiction to its recommended policy toward Internet gambling.

Despite the fact that he openly opposes legalized gambling, he told the publication, "Everyone knows that gambling is not going to go away. There is not one member of the commission who favors a prohibition as a reasonable alternative. It's not a possibility. It's like prohibiting alcohol or cigarettes. It's not going to happen.

The contrast between Section 5 of the Commission's final report, which states, "The Commission recommends to the President, Congress, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) that the Federal government should prohibit internet gambling within the United States, and asks that the DOJ develop enforcement strategies included but not limited to Internet Service Providers, credit card providers, and money transfer agencies," and the comments of Dr. Leone, begs one very legitimate question: "Huh?"