A User-friendly Way to Profile Customers

7 April 1999
Axtive Software Corporation, a leading provider of relationship marketing software and services, has introduced a website personalization application designed to enable small to large enterprises to build individualized relationships with their customers, prospects and business partners via the Internet.

The new product, e.Monogram, aims to provide website operators with a better profile of the needs, interests and buying habits of their customers. With this information, the software dynamically generates customized Web pages with relevant information specifically tailored for each individual.

While similar products are available, e.Monogram is designed to deliver personalization technology in a user-friendly format. The easy-to-use tools that are provided allows marketing personnel to use and instantly implement or modify online marketing messages for changing market conditions, without having to know how to operate complex Web development software.

The open system also integrates with other best of breed solutions that exist in a company's Web environment. Axtive does not require a client to replace its existing e.business software to add the power of personalization. e.Monogram delivers the benefits of targeted communications and personal selling which provides a competitive differentiation for the e.business enterprise, with the purpose of creating customer loyalty and additional business transactions.

"Companies are eager to move beyond the stage where their Web sites just offer information," said G. C. "Scooter" Beachum III, president and founder of Axtive Software Corporation. "Marketing executives involved in every type of enterprise imaginable are now realizing the potential of the Internet for conducting electronic commerce and maximizing the value of their customer relationships. e.Monogram is an enabling technology that helps e.business enterprises improve their site visit-to-buy ratio and increase the return on their Web investments."

The new software is powered by a personalization engine developed as a set of Java server extensions. By design, it delivers enterprise scalability and superior performance versus CGI-based personalization solutions. The engine contains both a rules-based decision component and a Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) rendering system, which easily connect into other e.business solutions through open interfaces for database connectivity and e.commerce integration.

The idea is to make it simple for an enterprise to build a profile for each of its customers. Profile information can be gathered through direct questioning of customers and/or through observation of their behavior. Once the user is identified, the profile information, combined with system data and contextual data, is matched with business rules defined by the enterprise in determining what information to display to that user. While it can use electronic "cookies" or username/passwords to automatically identify users, a lot of enterprises have found "cookies" to be unreliable and username/passwords to be annoying for their customers. Axtive's solution is a third alternative to customer identification through a patent pending technology named AxtiveLink. It's small (less than 200K) and is stored on the user's computer which maintains an electronic "fingerprint" and can maintain user profile information. Upon execution, it launches the browser to the enterprise's URL which then delivers a personalized Web page.

Once the user reaches an enterprise's website, e.Monogram displays content based on their preferences instead of showing the same set of pages to everyone. It provides a tailored experience for each individual site visitor through the information that is displayed, the options that are offered, and the navigation that is provided. Cross-selling messages and support services are made relevant to each individual user. An enterprise has the ability to test different pages and marketing messages on-the-fly to measure their effectiveness in achieving their marketing goals.

For more information on Axtive Software Corporation and its products, visit http://www.axtive.com.