Absolut Raises a Toast to Quova

2 June 2003

Absolut.com Leverages GeoPoint for Online Marketing of #1 Premium Vodka

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. - June 2, 2003 -- Quova, Inc., the world’s leading provider and developer of Web geography services and technologies, announced today that The Absolut Company , a business area within the Swedish beverage purveyor V&S Vin & Sprit AB, has chosen Quova’s GeoPoint to provide vital geolocation services for its website at www.absolut.com. The Absolut Company has deployed GeoPoint to enable highly targeted online marketing initiatives for ABSOLUT , one of the world’s leading premium spirit brands, and provide website traffic analysis for absolut.com.

"The absolut.com website represents a major commitment to online marketing as a way to drive and leverage the increased brand strength of ABSOLUT ," said Eva Kempe-Forsberg, Vice President Marketing of The Absolut Company. "We selected Quova based on the accuracy and reliability of the GeoPoint solution and the company’s commitment to customer service. We are now able to deliver focused messaging to our international target markets and determine the impact of that messaging with great precision."

The website www.absolut.com. Is a true representation of the brand’s cutting-edge nature. The site appeals to the senses while also providing useful information on the quality and deep traditions behind ABSOLUT. Absolut.com invites consumers into three separate online rooms - ABSOLUT REALITY, ABSOLUT DISPLAY and ABSOLUT CAMPAIGNS - each with various levels of entertainment, music, film and online tools. With Quova's GeoPoint providing the real-world location of every visitor to the site, The Absolut Company is able to gauge its online marketing performance by analyzing web traffic patterns.

"Securing ABSOLUT as a customer is a signature moment for Quova as we continue to grow into the online retail industry," said Marie Alexander, President and CEO of Quova, Inc. "Geolocation offers a powerful value proposition for targeted marketing online, and we're proud that one of the world’s most prestigious brands has chosen Quova to provide that value."

About The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company, a business area within V&S Vin & Sprit AB, is the brand owner and producer of ABSOLUT VODKA, ABSOLUT PEPPAR, ABSOLUT CITRON, ABSOLUT KURANT, ABSOLUT MANDRIN and ABSOLUT VANILIA. ABSOLUT is the third largest international spirit in the world and is available in 125 markets. ABSOLUT is made at the distilleries near Åhus, Sweden. The head office is in Stockholm. The Absolut Spirit Company, Inc. imports ABSOLUT in the US and distributes the brand through Future Brands, a joint venture with Jim Beam Brands.

For information, visit www.absolut.com.

About Quova

Founded in January 2000, Quova, Inc. is the leading provider of geolocation services to online businesses. Quova's GeoPoint service provides the geographic location of Web site visitors in real-time, enabling businesses to manage digital rights, target content, detect fraud, conduct site analysis and ensure regulatory compliance. Quova’s customers and partners include industry leaders such as CNET Networks, Times Online and Visa International. A privately owned company with investments from VeriSign, Mobius Venture Capital, IDG Ventures, Nexus Group, Schoffstall Ventures and Fidelity Ventures, Quova's main headquarters are located at 333 West Evelyn Avenue, Mountain View, California 94041, with European headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Quova can be reached at 650/528-3700 and on the Web at www.quova.com.

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