Absolute Poker Issues New Statement on Cheating Scanda

9 November 2007

Absolute Poker (AP) has paid out $1.6 million to customers affected by the so called "potripper" scandal, the company said in a prepared statement on Thursday.

The investigation into the security breach is ongoing, but the as promised, the company is issuing periodic updates on the situation.

"First and foremost, we would like to assure our players, once again, that the security breach, which resulted in unfair play, was resolved immediately after it was discovered and confirmed, and AP's sites are absolutely secure," the company said.

Gaming Associates is in the process of auditing AP's systems as part of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission inquiry.

According to the company, the investigation thus far has uncovered a known period of unfair playing of 40 days, which began on Aug. 14. In addition, the accounts of the known cheaters have all been closed and all customers whose accounts were affected by the cheaters have been reimbursed with interest.

Furthermore, if the investigation turns up any more accounts that have engaged in illicit activities, it will refund all affected players in the same manner, the company said.

AP said it continues to cooperate fully with the investigations.

"AP regrets the damage that has been done to its players and to its own reputation by this incident," the company said. "We are absolutely focused on doing the right thing for our loyal customers, employees, consultants and business partners and we will continue to work with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Gaming Associates to bring this incident into the full light of day and to right any wrongs done to innocent victims of this unfair play."