Acquisition Helps Boost Sceptre Revenue

19 January 2009

Gaming supplier Sceptre Leisure saw major gains in revenue in the six months to October last year after the company acquired Crown Leisure in October, reported the Lancashire Evening Post.

Operating profit climbed from £400,000 to £1.7 million, while revenue skyrocketed from £5.5 million to £18.5 million. However, profit for the period dropped from £854,000 to £429,000.

“The current economic climate has provided much in the way of challenges but it is one on which Sceptre Leisure has successfully capitalized,” said Ken Turner, the company’s chief executive, in a prepared statement. “We have worked hard to increase both our own and our customers’ revenues concentrating on maximizing our return on capital by allocating resources to the areas that will be most revenue-enhancing.”