ACT Internet Gambling Regulations

7 October 1999
For your researching pleasure, Interactive Gaming News is, and will continue to be, gathering information on Internet gambling jurisdictions. The latest jurisdiction added to IGN's comprehensive database is the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The ACT introduced the Internet Gambling Act September 30, 1998 as a regulatory framework for operating online casinos in that territory. The legislation is similar to the Queensland prototype passed earlier in '98. Like all other permutations of the Queensland act, the ACT act has its own flavor. Most notably among the act's distinctions is that it prohibits licensed providers from accepting wagers from residents of countries where Internet gambling is illegal. Operators in other Australian jurisdictions have indicated that they do not and will not apply such restrictions.

The ACT hasn't announced any licensees yet, but it's speculated that the government has had advanced discussions with a few operators.

The following documents are available in PDF format:

Stage 1
The Interactive Gambling Act (9/30/98)
Form 1 -- Application for an Interactive Gambling License
Form 2 -- Company History Proforma
Form 3 -- Personal History and Suitability of Person Proforma
Form 4 -- Application for a Key Person License

Stage 2
Form 5 -- Application for Extension of Time Prior to Commencement of Operation
Form 6 -- Selection of Evaluation and Audit Organisation

Stage 3