Adrenalin Interactive Develops Online Gaming

29 May 1998

LOS ANGELES -- Adrenalin Interactive Inc., (NASDAQ:LUST) formerly Wanderlust Interactive, has entered the world of online gaming. The company will begin developing "pay-to-play" games with games-of-skill tournaments.

Adrenalin is discussing with several on-line casino operators, plans to develop games of skills and chance for Internet gaming and will receive royalties each time a game is played. The games, which are currently under development, will allow players to win cash prizes.

"It is well documented that the greatest growth potential for World Wide Web service companies lies in the provision of on-line gaming, with both entertainment and financial rewards for its players," Adrenalin President and CEO Jay Smith said. "We expect a high level of success in this arena since we are breaking new ground, acting as one of the first software development companies to deliver strategy and chance skill tournaments to the Net."

Adrenalin Interactive Inc. develops console video games for Sony, Nintendo and Sega consoles, interactive entertainment titles on PC computers, and creates interactive television programming for digital set-top boxes. The company also develops on-line "pay-to-play" interactive games for the Web. In February 1997, it acquired the operations of Western Technologies, a well-established video and computer game developer and electronic toy designer, which has done business as Adrenalin Entertainment or Western Technologies since 1980.