Al Gore Weighs In

3 July 2000
The battle on Capitol Hill over the inclusion of carve-outs in the House version of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act has gotten downright nasty, so it only makes sense to add a little Gore to the scene.

Harness Tracks of America reports that Vice President Al Gore objects to the Goodlatte/Kyl legislation to ban gambling over the Internet, and according to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, his opposition could dim prospects for the bill's passage this year. Gore's concerns echo those expressed repeatedly by the Justice Department--that the bill contains loopholes that could lead to more wagering in the long run.

"The vice president supports efforts to limit the growth of Internet gambling, but he is concerned that exemptions in the bill could actually expand gambling," Gore campaign spokesman Alejandro Cabrera said.

While Gore has not spoken publicly, there is speculation that he doesn't want Congress to pass any legislation that might be perceived by voters as regulating the Internet, and that includes a gambling prohibition.

Although the White House has not taken an official position on the proposed ban, the Clinton administration "voice" on the legislation, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Kevin DiGregory, is part of an "e-commerce working group" that includes staff members from the White House, the departments of Justice and Commerce and other agencies formulating administration positions on Internet issues.

The Clinton administration's reluctance to tamper with the Internet economy is a longstanding policy.