All's Well in Isle of Man. . . or Is It?

15 December 2001

Government officials in Isle of Man insist that a recently reported internal conflict relating to money laundering polices and Internet gambling is routine and that the situation will be resolved easily. Sources close to the situation insist, however, that the problem is much more serious than what's being let on.

Some are reporting that the Financial Supervision Commission threw its recommendations for amending money laundering policy into the ring a little late for consideration. The commission is advocating a "know your customer" policy, which would entail customers of online casinos divulging a great deal of personnel information. Operators believe the system will drive bettors to other sites where such information is not required.

The issuing of additional licenses, which was to be announced by the end of November, has been put off until the first three licensees--MGM Mirage, Littlewoods and Sun International--launch their services. The sites were supposed to launch in early December, and numerous anonymous sources have told IGN the three companies are agitated because the deadline has come and passed with no progress.

One source suggested that the three groups could opt to file lawsuits against the Isle of Man government for delaying the process and not delivering an industry it said it would for the licensees.