An Email from Kansas Attorney General Carla J. Stovall to Operators of Online Gaming Websites (5/19/99)

25 May 1999
Dear _______________:

It has come to my attention that _______________ operates an Internet website with an address of www._______________ . The purpose of the website is to allow consumers, including consumers located within the State of Kansas, an opportunity to place wagers on a variety of sporting events around the world. This activity is in violation of Kansas law.

The impression given to Kansas consumers visiting this website that gambling activity is legal in the State of Kansas is a deceptive and unconscionable act and practice pursuant to the Kansas Consumer Protection Act [K.S.A. 50-623, et seq.]. _______________, through its website, is failing to disclose the material fact that gambling is illegal in Kansas unless specifically authorized by Kansas state law.

I would like to handle this matter in an informal and educational manner as opposed to pursuing formal enforcement action at this time. Therefore, this letter will serve as notice that _______________ is to immediately Cease and Desist soliciting or accepting wagers from consumers within the State of Kansas and further advise consumers, on your website, that this activity is not legal within the State of Kansas. Should the availability of this activity continue within the State of Kansas, I will instruct my Consumer Protection Division and/or Criminal Litigation Division to pursue formal action to enforce compliance with Kansas law.

Should you have any questions concerning this letter, please contact Assistant Attorney General Gail Bright.

Very truly yours,

Carla J. Stovall
Attorney General