An Entertaining Acquisition

11 May 1999
FirstEntertainment.Com has completed an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in "All That Media," a Ft. Lauderdale based media company that specializing in Intellectual Property development, Internet portal development, and internet advertising.

The acquisition is part of the FirstEntertainment.Com's efforts to develop an expansive entertainment network community. The community would serve as what the company calls a "plug-in entertainment portal for other media companies to utilize for show syndication, broadcasts, and media aggregation."

"This acquisition brings together the necessary talent and technical expertise to complete our business model and allows us to move forward at a more aggressive pace," said CEO and President AB Goldberg. "As has been demonstrated in the gaming capitals of the world, entertainment drives traffic to the casinos. It is the intent of to cross populate its gaming and entertainment interests to take full advantage of the many synergies between gaming and entertainment to create a broader audience for both," states All That Media's Marketing Director.

"First Entertainment's internet strategy allows advertisers to focus on a niche marketing approach with the ability to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and then quickly adjust the campaign to take advantage of new information."

First Entertainment is a multi-media Internet entertainment company with divisions or subsidiaries in the areas of radio broadcasting, comedy clubs, and Internet gaming, as well as other Internet related activities. The company is currently in discussions with several portals and websites to further enhance its existing models as well as to negotiate marketing and advertising campaigns for increased exposure.