Analyst Predicts Continued Eastern European Growth

29 September 2008

As global recession buzz heightens in all sectors, one analyst from Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, better known as GBGC, foresees continued gains in eastern European I-gaming.

Tihana Jurican said in a prepared statement that four markets -- Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic – will see growth due to the expansion of broadband services and shifts in online gaming regulation.

According the statement, GBGC estimates broadband penetration will reach between 40 percent in Croatia and 65 percent in Poland by 2010 compared to the EU 25 penetration of 70 percent.

The statement goes on to predict strong growth in the online sector during the next five years at an average rate of more than 25 percent in Croatia, more than 40 percent in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and more than 60 percent in Poland.