And in Starnet's Corner...

13 December 1999
Starnet has gained a "white knight" to hopefully help it triumph over a slew of class action cases facing the company. This white knight is an independent group of investors--Starnet Investors Group (SIG)--who claim to be unrelated to the company or any of its officers.

The group, whose members jointly own nearly five million shares of Starnet Stock, has offered to send representatives to court in defense of the oft sued, much maligned company.

The class action suits make two fundamental charges: that Starnet insiders inflated the company's stock price in order to reap illicit profits, and that company officers misled investors regarding risks in Starnet's business model.

"These charges are demonstrably false," said James P. Lewis, spokesman for SIG. "The facts are clear. The market has driven this stock based on the enormous growth projected for the Internet gaming industry and Starnet's aggressive pursuit of market share."

"Our investigation of the matter reveals no unusual insider selling whatsoever. In fact, such sales were relatively insignificant and actually declined over the course of the class period," he added.

Additionally, Lewis said that more than 1,000 shareholders have added their names to a statement rejecting charges that the investors were mislead by Starnet officials.

"Our members won't be deceived by opportunistic attorneys. In fact, many of us are increasing our positions in Starnet Communications," he concluded.

Interested parties can contact the investors group at