And this Year's Award for Spookiest Halloween Story Goes To. . .

1 November 2000
Harness Tracks of America! And it's one for the ages. The association's daily newsletter reports that Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, if elected, may consider a certain senator from Arizona as a potential cabinet member.

HTA reports, "Speaking of elections, the Arizona Republic in Phoenix speculated yesterday on what might lie in store for the state's junior senator, Jon Kyl, if his friend George W. Bush is elected president. Kyl is best known in the racing community, of course, for his Internet Gaming Prohibition Act, still lurking in Congress, but the Republic says far bigger things lie in store for the 58-year-old Republican the paper calls 'an uncharismatic, cerebral man, a lackluster speaker...a lone wolf at heart.' Kyl's father was an Occidental oil executive, and Arizona's Democratic chairman, who thinks Kyl is so far right that he 'could be beaten by a pro-choice woman,' acknowledges that 'it's hard to run against an incumbent U.S. senator with a couple million dollars in the bank.' The Republic says Kyl is being touted as a potential cabinet member in a Bush administration. He is a close friend of Dick Cheney, and the newspaper says, 'Congressional aides say Kyl could be considered for appointment as attorney general or Interior secretary. There also is talk that he could be tapped to head the CIA or serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.'" What thrills may lie ahead for racing!"