Andros Gets Busy

6 July 1999
It's been quite a week for Andros Hotels & Casinos. The publicly held company, which plans to develop a casino, resort and theme park in the Bahamas, has bought an online casino, signifying yet another entity with interests in both traditional and virtual gaming. It also bought a resort in the Caribbean, signed an agreement with Net World Marketing, Inc. and announced that it is changing its stock symbol.

On Tuesday, the company announced that the acquisition of Margaritaville Hotel and Margaritaville Casino, an Internet wagering site, from Go Call, Inc., the operator of GoCasino Internet casino, for $2.5 million in stock.

The Margaritaville Hotel, located in the Dominican Republic, consists of 21 guest rooms, the "Parrothead Bar & Grill," a lounge with satellite television, a swimming pool with a small bar and a street-side bar called "GoNuts."

The Margaritaville Casino, currently under construction, will operate as a partner of GoCasino. It will offer 19 casino games in several languages and will accept, process and manage all wagers through Go Cash, GoCall's online transaction system.

Andros said that it was exploring relationships with "existing conventional casinos and bingo parlors and others wishing to create a 'cyber' extension of their real activities."

Plus, it indicated that it may publish a gambling news magazine and operate a gift shop on the Internet.

With all this excitement swirling about the Andros camp, IGN sought to learn more. Our first question, naturally was, "Is Jimmy Buffet in on this whole deal?". A spokesperson for Andros didn't know, nor was she able to comment on the company's Bahamas property, but she was quite willing to mail us a packet with investor information. Andros' website offered only stock information as well.

GoCall, which typically maintains a higher profile, was also unavailable for comment on the recent acquisition.

Andros additionally announced that it has contracted Net World Marketing to develop, maintain and market the Margaritaville Hotel website and the Margaritaville online casino. Both are currently accessible at The hotel website will feature information on the Dominican resort, while the casino website will feature real-money games as well as an online sportsbook. Net World will perform, exclusively, all of Margaritaville's print, television and Internet marketing.

And to make it a complete week, Andros changed its trading symbol from "ADHCE" back to its original symbol, "ADHC," and announced that it has begun trading on National Quotation Bureau's "Pink Sheets." Later this month, its stock will begin trading on National Quotation Bureau's "Electronic Pink Sheets."