22 March 1999
As competition continues to heat up in the online gaming industry, new ways of funneling players into particular casinos are being invented every day. One of the latest marketing techniques, employed successfully in the past outside of the gaming arena, is offering players and potential players free e-mail accounts, and it's being put to the test by BossMedia. The Swedish Internet gaming company is offering such accounts to visitors of their "casino gateway" site,

"These days, your e-mail address is an important part of the personal impression you make," explained BossMedia Vice President of Marketing Jonas Hollander. "People like to have fun with Internet nicknames, and the sound of your e-mail address makes a difference in Cyberspace. Any gaming enthusiast would love to have the address: Or why not We're certain that our visitors will love this feature."

The new service was created by Chek, Inc., an Internet communications firm that specializes in the development of Web applications. The company is touting it as is being easy and reliable. Any visitor with an Internet connection can access their e-mail from anywhere in the world. Messages will be conveniently stored in a central Inbox until they, the account holder, has time to read them.