Another British Invasion

6 July 1999, the online sportsbook operated by Mark Blandford, officially launched its attack on the North American market Monday by becoming the fist British Internet betting company to offer regular National Football League lines. It's also the only tax-free sports betting company based in the British Isles.

Blandford believes his service, launched in August 1998, will be a hit in the States. "We see the American Market as one which will enjoy the security of betting with a fully regulated British licensed company," he explained. "We look forward to being of service not only to our existing North American customers, but to new customers all over the world."

The company also plans to extend the service to offer lines on Major League Baseball in coming weeks.

Sportingbet's parent company, NetBet (UK) plc, was floated on the OFEX Market in February 1999.