Another Net Marketing/E-Commerce Marriage

12 June 1999
Cydoor Technologies Inc., a leader in Internet ad management technology, has signed a deal CyberCash Inc. that will allow Cydoor to provide Internet payment solutions through its register OnSoftwareTM service.

The combined capabilities of the two companies will allow software companies to charge users a fee, via a window within the program, instead of the user having to browse the Web. Companies can use the service to sell a registration license, obtain payment for an upgraded version or charge a transfer of data to their users.

Cydoor Vice President of Business Development Shaul Eyal said that CyberCash's payment solutions will allow his company to provide software companies with "the best payment methods possible."

At least one of the company's clients agrees. "We feel that Cydoor's new service will allow an easy way for customers to pay for our products and increase the actual number of purchases," said Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Ltd. Executive Vice President Shimon Gruper.

Eyal also added that the new product has already drawn the interest of some large software companies. "Large advertisers such as, and are currently running Cydoor's innovative technology for targeting ads directly to their potential customers," he said. Cydoor is a participant in the Associates Program and an affiliate member of C2, CDNOW's Corporate Community program.

CyberCash is a world leader in e-commerce services and technologies, enabling e-commerce across the entire market spectrum from electronic retailing environments to the Internet. The company provides a complete line of software products and services allowing merchants, billers, financial institutions and consumers to conduct secure transactions using the broadest array of popular payment forms. Credit, debit, purchase cards, cash, checks, smart cards and alternative payment types (e.g., "frequent buyer" or loyalty programs) are all supported by CyberCash payment solutions. The company's website is located at

Cydoor Technologies Inc. introduced its OnSoftwareTM service in October 1998. The software is a suite of services that brings the power of the Web to the user interface of software programs. Cydoor provides software programs with the ability to run Internet-based utilities such as powerful advertising media and e-commerce utilities. The company's technology also allows for easy, fast and safe payment solutions over the Internet and operates a distribution network that can significantly enlarge the user base of software companies. For more information on the company, visit