Antigua Challenges WTO Findings

17 February 2005

Representatives from Antigua and Barbuda have filed a new document to the World Trade Organization's dispute settlement body in the country's I-gaming case against the United States. The document, a "Notification of Other Appeal," informs the dispute settlement body that Antigua intends to challenge certain findings of the dispute panel's report.

The dispute panel in November 2004 published its final report, "Measures Affecting the Cross-Border Supply of Gambling and Betting Services," which recommends that the United States bring itself into conformity with its trade and services commitments by amending its laws to permit cross-border gambling.

Although the report clearly makes Antigua the victor in the dispute, the panel did reach some conclusions with which Antigua's legal team disagrees. The WTO dispute process allows both parties to present their disagreements with a panel report, so Antigua has submitted a request to review nine of the panel's conclusions.

Click here to view Antigua and Barbuda's Notification of Other Appeal.