Arguments Heard on Minnesota Case

11 May 1998

As veteran watchers of internet gambling are aware, the Granite Gate (Kerry Rogers) case brought by the Minnesota Attorney General has slowing been winding its way through the courts in that state. This case is notable because it will help determine case law on whether a state has jurisdiction in such cases. It has broader implications for the internet in general because of the issue of "contacts" and whether or not having a webpage constitutes advertising to a specific state.

A a brief overview, WagerNet was licensed in Belize as a sportsbook. Before ever opening for its first wager, owner Kerry Rogers was sued by Hubert H. Humphrey III, the Minnesota AG, on consumer fraud charges. The state challenged Rogers' statements regarding internet gambling's legality. The jurisdictional issues have been argued up through the court system in Minnesota and have been appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The latest volley was the responsdent's brief to the Supreme Court which is offered on IGN in toto. Arguments on the case were made this month in Minnesota.

Read the brief at: